A little bit about me

I’m Stephen Brennan, originally living in the Pontypridd area, the family are originally from Waterford.  I have two grown up children (one of each).

I attended Pontypridd Boys’ Grammar School and went on to study Applied Science at the University of Sussex in Brighton. I’ve also studied at the University of Wales Institute of Science and Technology in Cardiff and completed a number of Open University courses and qualifications including a diploma and honours degree, the journey continues.  I also have an adult teaching qualification.  I’m not sure if there is an effective treatment for addiction to studying.

I worked initially as an assistant production manager for a pharmaceutical manufacturer and then a number of roles in communications engineering before joining BT’s graduate entry scheme and entering IT.  Following a number of years with BT I then worked for a major pc hardware manufacturer as area manager for Wales and the West Country providing technical support to around 300 major clients.  I then worked for a number of major financial institutions in various roles from chief systems analyst to project and support management and spent time working at various locations including Cardiff, Glasgow, Brighton, Bristol, Andover, Birmingham and Manchester.  I have a particular interest in digital communications technology.

I opened my first photographic studio in Cardiff in the the 1990s and I’m a former professional photographer, I gained my licentiate qualification with the Master Photographers Association in 1995.

I’m an active member of Rotary, a founder member of two clubs and I’m secretary and a past president of my current club.  I’m also the District Secretary for Rotary in Southern Wales.  On a fairly ad-hoc basis hobbies include restoring antique pendulum clocks, repair and restoration of Bang and Olufsen hi fi systems – I particularly like the Jacob Jensen and David Lewis designs, very infrequent flying and gliding. I’m also a Radio Amateur (GW3ZXI) although I haven’t been actively involved in the hobby for a number of years.  I’m interested in traditional Irish & English music and seem to be following the philosophy that you can’t have too many guitars, I’m a little concerned that the rule may also apply to violins!  I am a regular swimmer and also the chief observer with my local IAM RoadSmart group and a National Observer and Observer Assessor.

I seem to have a liking for BMW cars and Land Rovers and have probably owned too many of each make over the years, currently I have a BMW 330i M Sport Touring and a Volvo XC90.  I also like restoring motorbikes.