Repairing Windows 10

A little while ago numerous updates started to fail to install. I like to keep my operating systems up to date so decided to tackle the issue. Always have a backup of your system before attempting any repairs.

The first technique was to run sfc /scannow which checks systems files and generally replaces any problem files. Unfortunately it did find problem files but was unable to correct all of the problems.

The second technique was to mount a Windows 10 iso image and then attempt a reinstallation with the option of retaining personal files and applications, this also failed to complete.

The third technique was to run dism /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth this ran successfully and I then ran sfc /scannow which also ran successfully. I then booted into safe mode and deleted the SoftwareDistribution folder within the Windows folder to remove all the previous failed updates. I then rebooted and installed the latest Windows updates. So far so good.