So much seems to be uncertain

We are only a few days into the new year and there has already been much change. The prime minister is back on television to give daily updates on the so far rather shambolic roll out of mass vaccination. Infection rates from Covid are soaring as are deaths and hospital admissions. President Trump’s supporters have stormed the US Capitol and the world is in shock.

A Welsh nurse received her initial vaccination and some considerable time later tested positive for Covid. The decision to delay the second dose is against WHO guidelines and will no doubt put many others at risk of infection in this untried and untested approach that has been adopted by the government in order to maximise the number of people receiving a first dose.

There is to be a further strengthening of the lockdown rules but while the majority of people seem to be obeying the current rules there are sadly many people who are still not following the guidelines on wearing masks, maintaining social distancing and meeting indoors.

It seems inevitable that Brains beer will no longer be brewed in Cardiff. The company recently sold off its public houses and is now abandoning its new brewery.