Time Keeps Flying By

Despite my good intentions to keep my blog up to date, once again I haven’t managed it.

Another new Rotary year has just started and it hasn’t been without its challenges for both my club and the District.

All my cars are still going which is a very unusual thing!

I need to fix a very small problem on the Volvo XC90 but it involves removing one of the front wheel arch covers, this means jacking up the beast, removing the wheel, drilling out a load of pop rivets, fixing the minor fault and then refitting the wheel arch cover.

I had my first meal out since the original lockdown started with two friends at the Ty Nant in Morganstown a few weeks ago, it was very nice to have something I hadn’t cooked myself.

Still keeping in touch with people on Zoom and social media, nowhere near as nice as meeting face to face.

Really hoping to be able to resume some regular swimming very soon.